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Discussions of Truth

Oct 5, 2018

On Oct 20, 2010, Bob Martin received a flu shot. Approximately 2 weeks later Bob was rushed to ICU. A then vibrant, healthy, athletic 72 year old, Bob enjoyed the life-style of a fitness trainer. He hasn't walked since.

Every year hundreds of Canadians are accidentally injured or even killed by government recommended vaccines. 
These injuries can lead to hospitalizations, costs of insured medical care and rehabilitation, loss of income, long-term disability, loss of a family member and funeral expenses.
Canada is one of only two G20 nations that does not have a national vaccine injury compensation program.
Quebec is the only province that offers such a program.
Canadians can't get compensation for injuries through a court of law 
​Canadians can't bring a class action suit against a vaccine manufacturer in Canada because Canada has passed legislation protecting manufacturers from being sued.